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Benefits of Roof Gardens

A roof garden is a garden that has been grown on the roof of a building. Apart from decoration to enhance beauty, it also enhances hydrological benefits, provision of food, control in temperature, architectural enhancement, and habitat for the living organism, recreational activities and much more. It comes with many ecological advantages as well. It is also reoffered as roof top farming. The practice of planting at the roof top is usually done by using green roof, hydroponics, areoponics system or container gardens. These gardens are mostly found in urban environment.

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Plants has the ability to reduce the overall temperature of the building which in return decreases the use of energy. Thus proving beneficial for the company. There are plenty of benefits of a rooftop garden despite the fact that they can be quiet retreats. They include another angle of green space to urban areas without taking up a huge area of land in thickly populated places. In some European countries, bylaws have been passed that new buildings must be designed and created to relocate the green space covered by the building to their roofs. Existing buildings must also come up with the law by greening at least 20% of their rooftops.

These relatively simple and healthier changes to rooftops can greatly benefit our sub rubs. Here are some examples of the advantages of rooftop gardens:

Aesthetic Enhancement

Greening the urban sides has been proved effective and successful for improving the beautification. It is a superb startetegy for beautifying the already built buildings and increasing investment opportunities.


Diverting of Waste

It can help to land fill diversion by extending the life of water proof membranes thus decreasing the linked waste. Also it increases the life of ventilation and heating systems as their use is decreased after it.

Storm Water Management

Roof garden not only holds rainwater, but also decreases the temperature of the water and tends to be as natural filters for any of the water that runs off. Water is stored by the substrate which is then taken up the plant and is returned to the environment via transpiration and evaporation.

Refining Air Quality

Allot of plantation basically meant roof gardens contribute towards the reducing of. Plants deceases gives us oxygen in which we breathe in. Green roofs decrease the heat island effect, due to which ozone production occurs.

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Noise and Sound Insulation
The green roof systems equipped with soil, plants and trapped layers of air can act as a sound insulation barrier. The waves are absorbed, reflected or deflected. The growing medium block lower sound frequencies and the higher frequencies are blocked by the plants. The amount of sound insulation depends on the system used and the substrate depth.
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